Your Visit

  • Making an appointment

    We operate by an appointment system. We know your time is valuable so we try to be punctual. You can help us by informing the reception staff that you may require a longer appointment for:

    • Extra family members
    • An antenatal visit
    • A PAP smear
    • A surgical procedure
    • Travel advice
    • Counselling
    • Multiple issues
    • A medical report or insurance claim

    If you can’t make your appointment please let us know so we can give your appointment to another patient. Failure to inform us less than 4 hours before your appointment will incur a fee.

    If you are a new patient, please click here to download and fill out the registration form and bring it with you to your first appointment.

    Making An Online Appointment

    If you are a new patient to the clinic, please book a 30 minute appointment for your first visit.

    The first time you book online you will need to provide registration details, including your current Medicare card details. Please ensure the clinic is aware of any changes to your card, as our online booking system will only work if the clinic has your latest information.

    If your condition is urgent and there are no online appointments available please call our receptionists on 5970 7777 as we keep some appointments each day for more urgent medical conditions.

    Please note if booking online for a Saturday appointment, fees are slightly higher than weekdays.

    Online bookings are not suitable for medical emergencies. Please present to your local hospital emergency department or call emergency 000.

  • Prescriptions

    We offer two options to our patients for a repeat prescription:

    1. Contact reception and inform us of the medication and dosage (a minimum of 48 hours notice). A $25.00 fee applies ($30.00 if you require fax/post). Unfortunately no Medicare rebate is claimable.
    2. Make an appointment between 10.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday for a brief consultation session with an available doctor. Your session will be bulk billed.

    Please note: if you have not seen your doctor for three months you are required to make a formal standard appointment.

  • Fees

    Weekdays before 8pm (additional fees apply after 8pm)
    Face to Face ConsultationPrivateConcessionRebate
    Standard (Level B)$86$72.50$41.40
    Long (Level C)$131$112$80.10
    Telehealth Consultation
    Standard (Level B)$86$72.50$41.40
    Saturdays before 1pm (additional fees apply after 1pm)
    Face to Face ConsultationPrivateConcessionRebate
    Standard (Level B)$96$80.50$41.40
    Long (Level C)$138$118$80.10
    Telehealth Consultation
    Standard (Level B)$96$80.50$41.40
  • Home Visits

    Speak to our reception staff about organising home visits with your doctor (available to patients living within 5km of the medical centre).

  • Results

    Your test results are important and we have systems in place to inform you if you need to discuss any abnormal tests with your doctor. If your result requires non-urgent follow up appointment with your doctor we will notify you with a phone call within 2-3 days of receiving the result. For a result that requires urgent attention we will contact you by phone immediately to arrange an appointment with your doctor.

    Please note: we can only disclose results directly with the patient, their parent or guardian.

  • Privacy

    Your medical record is a confidential document. We have developed a privacy policy to protect and maintain your personal health information. We abide by the National Privacy Principles. If you would like a copy of our privacy policy or further information please contact us.

  • Recalls & Reminders

    We are committed to preventative care, which is why our medical centre uses a computerised recall system for PAP smears and other preventative health programmes. In addition, the centre also participates in National/State or Territory reminder systems (such as bowel screening).

    Please notify your doctor or the receptionist if you do not wish to participate in these systems.

  • Practice Communication Policy

    Our aim is to facilitate optimal communication opportunities with our patients, While complying with the Australian Privacy Principle and the Privacy Act 1988. Our practice endeavours to provide patients with access to timely advice or information about their clinical care. This communication can occur face-to-face or by electronic communication which can include email, fax and SMS.

    EFMC allows patients to book their healthcare appointments with their preferred healthcare provider online via our website or AMS app.

    Results – It is the practice policy that results will be given out during a follow up consultation with a doctor only.

    Receptionists will often need to ask questions to determine that the patient receives the most appropriate care, at the most appropriate time. Patient will be asked to briefly explain reason for call.

    Phone calls from patients requesting to speak to the doctor will not generally be put through at the time of the call. This is to minimise disruption to the doctor as they are usually in consultation with another patient.

    Please note that our email service is not encrypted, and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of our email communications. Whilst we make every effort to keep your information secure, there is a risk that information could potentially be compromised and accessed by someone other than the intended recipient. For this reason, we discourage health providers from sending emails to us with personal information about patients, and we discourage patients from sending emails to us with their own personal information.

    We endeavor to reply to all emails within 1 business day. Our emails are checked on a regular basis, however they are not constantly monitored. If you have an issue that requires urgent attention, we request that you contact the practice via telephone. Our practice email is

    SMS messages are sent for a variety of health management purposes.
    These may include:
    – Appointment reminders
    – Health reminders (e.g. cervical screening/care plans etc)
    – Health recalls (e.g. follow up of test results)

    Letters may be sent offering services available to eligible patients and for health reminders and recalls for patients who do not have a mobile number or who have opted out of our electronic messaging system.